Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How's it going?

How remiss we have been! But I will give you the dl and leave your imagination for other delightful jaunts.

We're sort of on a hiatus ... no real reason. Well, I guess because we're too lazy to book stuff. But who knows, we could get off our collective behinds and pound the pavement! Truly! Who KNOWS? (Actually, G*d knows, you sinners.)

Amy is building her acting resume and will be in another wonderful estrogenius - it's a festival that she's been doing for about 3 years. She's gonna be a big, big star. (Also, her birthday is July 22nd! She's so cute. Kiss her face, please.)

Cindee is writing stuffs that are funny ... soon, she's gonna stand up and you people, you will laugh. SO. F'ING. HARD. And, we'll all be better for it. She's also currently perfecting the art of the panic attack. Stay tuned.

Leigh just had a birthday. It was when we were in Providence. I think she had fun ... but she had to go to Connecticut to be with Snack, the dog, not like hummus, which could also be a dog but in this case is made from chickpeas, which could also be a dog, but is in reality a bean, which could also be a dog, but in this case is a thing I hate. I don't think a thing I hate could be a dog. But oddly, I love hummus ... oops - this is about LEIGH! Who has been writing like crazy and she's so good, people. Someday soon, I have a feeling you'll see some of it. Maybe she'll update her blog (HINT!) or she'll be published (more likely). Also, she's going back to grad school to get my masters in religion so I can argue with her parents AND she's gotten her life long goal of glasses.

Jen Nails actually is pretty closed to being published, if I say it out loud it will happen. And she, me & Sarah are doing a project show called Aunt Kathy. Thank you, Kelly Buttermore for thinking of us. Jen also has a blog (see to the right of this) which will tell you so much more. Pay her homage folks, she's just amazing.

I (Michele) just got asked to be the bride of the amazing, amazing, AMAZING Stan Laikowski. I really have no idea how I got so lucky, but I did and I plan to do right by him ... you know by cutting out meat. I TEASE! Maybe I'll um ... I don't know, I guess thank G*d a lot.

Sarah is doing it up Fancy Dragon-ing. In FACT, now she's not just on a house team but on a other kind of team. Like if this were sports, they've been moved off the Jr Varsity to Varsity. Also, she's coaching up a storm. You need her in your life. She's also doing two person stuff with a nice Matt - they're called Mothra. (Also, she and I are doing New Team Battle @ the Pit on Thursdays @ 11 - if you have a team that you have always wanted to play with come out and pla-hay.)

Wanna see us all together again? Well, here's the plug and party sort of invite! Come to Primo Loco (Adam Nowak's fun show) on August 5th. It's @ Jimmy's No. 43. It's really special because its both Sarah & Adam's birthday show ... Adam's is on the 4th and Sarah's is on the 6th. And all the Chicken's will be there.

We miss you!

Friday, May 05, 2006

4 out of 5 Chickens agree

... a night of comedy is good for what ails you; and here is the perfect prescription courtesy of Dr. Oddbody.

Adam Nowak' s
¡Primo Loco!

An evening of improv, stand-up, short film, and music hosted by the Huggin' Bears! Adam Nowak and Mike Gold at Jimmy's no 43.

  • Stand up with Dustin D 'Addato and Sandy Marks

  • The musical twangin' of Karen Gollrad

  • The improv connectedness of four-fifths of Chicken Ranch and Ikarus

  • Solo improv and a short film by Dave Thunder

  • A couple of short "flims" from the Huggin' Bears!

And it's all FREE!

Saturday, May 6, 2006 at 8 pm

Jimmy's no 43
Downstairs at 43 East 7th St .
btw 2nd and 3rd Ave

If this doesn't fix you, we don't know what will.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Feel like Chicken this Wednesday

There are two more chances to hang out with the Ranch this month. We'd love to see you; it's been so long!

Chicken Ranch at Ash Wednesday
Every Wednesday in April from 7 - 9 PM

This week, April 19, features Chicken Ranch, Dustin D'Addato (stand up), Chris O'Connor (character monologue), Dominic Dierkes (stand up), Golightly (improv), Coloradoprov (improv with our own mama hen, Jen Nails) and, of course our host Evel Cathedral doin' make-'em-ups.

Magnet Theatre
254 W. 29th St.
(between 8th and 9th)

Chicken Ranch is Leigh Angel, Amy Dickenson, Michele O. Medlin, Sarah Nowak and Cindee Weiss
Directed by Jen Nails

We heart you!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Holy Month of Chicken!

We are fresh from NC, bursting with sunshine and dew. Come celebrate Spring, Passover, Easter and all that is good and holy this April with a month of Chicken Ranch at Ash Wednesday!

Chicken Ranch at Ash Wednesday
Every Wednesday in April from 7 - 9 PM
This week, April 12, features not only Chicken Ranch, but also Uncle Dad (improv), Tony Zaret (stand up), Warth and Todd (improv), Rosemary Stevens (stand up), Fancy Dragon (improv with CR's own Sarah Nowak), and of course, our hosts Evel Cathedral!
Magnet Theatre
254 W. 29th St.
(between 8th and 9th)

Chicken Ranch is Leigh Angel, Amy Dickenson, Michele O. Medlin, Sarah Nowak and Cindee Weiss
Directed by Jen Nails

Spring! Chickens! Schweds!


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps

So, this morning, I go to my coffee place (Pax on 49th & 7th) and get my coffee (hazelnut with half & half) and I'm reminded of how I do not like a) starting new jobs b) starting new jobs in the service industry c) being around money in the service industry d) being trained by people in the service industry who have been in the service industry a long time and e) working in the service industry.

The Cashier is the regular cashier (the one I referred to in an earlier post about my morning coffee) and is really lovely, the Coffee Guy is the normal coffee guy (not the one I referred to in the post to which I just referred - I never saw that guy again ... I saw him that once, he did that weird joke on the guy and then poof goes off to another Pax, I suppose) and then there is this Trainee. OH, this Trainee seriously BREAKS.MY.HEART. She's just so slow. It's been two weeks and she doesn't get it. The Cashier is so quick, she knows how much stuff is and knows that I want a hazelnut with half & half and knows that it's $1.86 (ouch, right? so ridiculous). Trainee has yet to catch on. Now, Trainee yesterday had a line that was so big that cashier had to push her back and do the number punching, money changing that she does so well and Trainee looked like she was going to cry. So, today, Trainee was on just coffee duty and Coffee Guy had to push her aside to do my coffee. I want to say to Cashier & Coffee Guy, it's ok - I'm not in a hurry, but I am a little. I just want to walk through and get my coffee and walk out. I am always polite - it's what I do - but someday, its not going to be nice me. It's going to be banker man who is gruff and angry and a big old hater and he's going to really and truly MAKE Trainee CRY. Because Trainee is just a yell away from the tears. Cashier is getting really tense with Trainee too. Luckily, Coffee Guy seems to be managing his patience very well. I believe in Trainee. But maybe, she shouldn't do the cash part. Perhaps, she could just do coffee? I don't know. I'm worried. What about her babies? Her husband has probably been recently laid off - he's in construction and fell off a platform. He'll be fine, but it won't be for months, so Trainee had to take a job - any job! - and she's stuck here on 49th & 7th with so much tension. She probably goes home and bravely makes dinner and when asked says her day was fine ... BUT, GUYS? ITS NOT FINE.

I'm making myself upset.

Earlier, I made myself cry over the homeless kitties. Their stories are our stories and all but for the grace of G*d, go Boo & Zuzu, you know?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

When in Rome...

Hi COOPsters. How's living? It's Amy! Just back from my Carolina trip(s). WHA? Weeeelllll, since NORTH Carolina was so freaking amazing, I decided to head to SOUTH Carolina to ante-up my fun and visit some kin. I rented a Chevy Malibu from the Budget* rental car at the Raleigh Durham airport (RDU if you're on Cheap Tickets and it's 12:05 AM and you need to get there by Friday and your server keeps crashing everytime you try to look up a GD airport code) and headed down to Charleston, SC. Man, I was tired, hungry and a wee bit TOXIC after trying to match Lewis Black Bud Light for Bud Light.** SO, I stopped in at the MacDonalds on my way. There I spotted evidence that the South is freaking awesome. First of all, they have McBiscuits with McSausageGravy on the breakfast menu. Second, after I was halfway through my egg mcmuffin dessert, I thought that I'd be a real lady and pass the newspaper over to 2 gentlemen who had just copped a sitter next to me, and they were saying Grace. GRACE. At MacDonald's! Third, there are all kinds of cool ass foods involving pecans. Like pralines. And pecans with stuff on 'em. Fourth, there are pinecones everywhere. Fifth, the food again. OH MAN JESUS - Alan and Sons BBQ with Sweet Tea. If you go to the Carolinas, DO NOT LEAVE without eating there. Sixth, that is all.

I hope to have a real ass BBQ here. I'll invite you.

Cluckin' at you with love-


*BUDGET? Hello, cost me freaking $128 bones to rent that MaliPOO.

**These claims are completely unsubstantiated. I was in the vicinity of Lewis Black and may have winked at him. That is all. I did not play quarters with him, or sliders, or boogie nights the boardgame. (Leigh has the rock star liver in the coop, not me.) I need a pack of Rolaids and a tube of Anacin after sniffing a glass of red wine. Pansy. I should just give it all up and join the freakin pansy army. Goram pansy.

Monday, March 27, 2006

women in comedy at unc

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amy dickenson, jen nails, michele o. medlin, rachel korowitz, sarah nowak, joan darling, cindee weiss, anne stesney, leigh angel

Thank you unc. Amazing!

(photo by punk rock photographer tony carnevale. thanks, tones.)